We are happy to welcome you to St. Joseph Cathedral, a place of history and a place where history continues to be made. Our Cathedral stands today as a landmark in the history that is the heritage of the Roman Catholic Church in south-central Louisiana. It is a tribute to the early settlers of Baton Rouge, to missionaries from Europe who suffered from the epidemics, the Civil War, the shortages and inconveniences of settling a new land. It is a credit before God and others to the generosity of a people of faith and hope, who gave more than bricks and bells, who have sought always to share a faith and love. May the countless prayers offered within its walls bring a blessing to all who enter its doors. May that blessing follow you as you visit and go with you as you leave. Be blessed!

Cathedralofstjoseph.org’s Vision Statement is

“To be the Mother Church, the Servant of the Diocese of Baton Rouge, and a community celebrating the loving presence of Christ with strength, and compassion and caring for all God’s people.”