Catholic Youth Group Activities

It is a must to ‘act’ now. You may be in a very tough situation today. Being an adolescent is not easy. This is the time when you experience a lot of pressure from people around you. You begin to explore things you hardly know about and you often drift away from your family. If you don’t like what’s happening and you feel that there is a need to change your ways, then you should be involved in Catholic youth group activities.

Well of course, you have to be a Catholic so that there will be no conflicts with regards to faith and beliefs. But anyway, Catholic youth groups are open to all teenagers who want to be nearer to Jesus Christ and His righteous ways.

So why choose to become a member of a Catholic youth group now? Perhaps you’re already aware that the world is filled with a lot of temptations; temptations that can wreck your life forever. If you don’t want to end up like all the others, you must choose a youth group now. That way, you will grow with faith in the Lord through the various experiences that will soon come your way.

As a member of a Catholic youth group, you will be able to experience Jesus Christ in strangers and friends. Through acts of charity and social justice, you can experience the other person of God – Holy Spirit. The youth group will also conduct scripture reflections, liturgy, prayers, and retreats so that all the members can experience God.

The Catholic youth groups all over the world have the same purpose and that is to offer all the youths a fun and safe Christian environment. You will be able to see your friends on a particular schedule every week. The mission of all the youth groups is to energize the parish youths in faith though various social activities, discussion topics, scripture reflection, outreach, service, and other church-related actions.

As mentioned earlier, everyone is invited as long as you’re a teenager. There is a Catholic youth group for every parish; however, if you are not from the parish or you’re from another denomination, you’re still welcome.

The youth activities usually vary every month but most youth groups follow a basic structure which includes the following – opening prayer, scripture reflection, activity, open forum, and the closing prayer.

During the school year, the youth group usually meets once every month and during special events or activities. Aside from the church-related events, the youth group can even go scavenger hunting, Lenten seder, and movie night outs. So you see, its not just about learning about God and Christ, but it is also about having fun as a teen.

The big difference though is that you will be far from worldly temptations like alcohol, drugs, and many others. You will be surrounded with other teens who are responsible, disciplined, and religious.

The youth group has an activity coordinator and if ever your group wants to suggest a certain new activity, you can easily contact the authorized person.

So you see, being a member of a catholic youth group is fun and exciting. You will learn a lot every time the group meets. You can now consider the youth group as your new peer group. Now, your parents will not worry every time you go out because they are sure that you’re with good company.